Daily Brief: Voice Call & SMS Fallen Sharply as Weixin Boomed

China’s largest telecom provider continued to stumble in the face of rising competition from popular Internet-based messaging apps.

Also in Today’s Brief: Hundsun had been planning to work with Alipay on mobile payment.

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Is There a Winter Coming for Startups and Investors? Ideas From the Big Names

After Zhang Ying (picture), venture capitalist at Matrix Partners China, wrote a Letter to CEOs to warn of a possible “winter” for startups, there has been a heat discussion among startup entrepreneurs and investors.

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Why Xunlei’s Market Value Contracted by $350m After its IPO?
imageMr. Sean Zou, founder & CEO of Xunlei
image Xunlei Ltd (NASDAQ:XNET), provider of a cloud-based internet platform in China, designed to allow customers to access digital content at higher speeds

In June, Xunlei eventually realised its dream of listing on the NASDAQ. It closed at $14.90 on its first day of trading, 24.17% higher than its issue price.

Its stock price has since been in decline. By far, it has dropped by 18%, with the market value contracting to $686m. Why did it see such an abrupt decrease of $350m?

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Wandoujia New Feature On Trail: Integrated Travel/tourism Search Results
imageMr. Masayoshi Son, founder & CEO of SoftBank
imageMr. Wang Junyu, founder & CEO of Wandoujia

In a live demonstration, by searching the term ‘Japan,’ Wandoujia yielded a wealth of travel-related content, from tickets for the Bullet Train to Japanese food, sights and activities, to Japanese apps, games, films and TV shows.

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Chinese Companies’ Foray, So Far No Tangible Progress
Zhang Yimou
Zhang Zhao, CEO of Le Vision Pictures.

Le Vision Pictures currently has five employees working out of its LA offices and will be fully up and running early next year. Le Vision will focus entirely on English-language blockbuster fare inspired by Chinese culture and philosophy.

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Who’s that buyer just purchased Waldorf Hotel? Oh! Now I see!
By China By Han Zhao
imageDeng Xiaoping in 1992AFP

According to FT, the Chinese financial company that this week bought Manhattan’s Waldorf Astoria hotel has one huge thing going for it in its home market. Guess what?

It’s founder and chairman is the grandson-in-law of Deng Xiaoping.

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Fake Domains: An Old Fraudulent Business in China’s Internet Industry

Many business owners squandered thousands or even millions of yuan on Chinese domain names, only to find that they had been cheated. Their eagerness to embrace the mobile internet is abused. There are a number of testimonies on the relevant forums on Baidu Tieba describing how the post authors were cheated.

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Occupy Central Goes Global: Hongkongers’ Power

Solidarity protests are planned in more than 30 cities around the world this week in support of ongoing pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong.

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Every Major Display of Social Unrest Now Seems to Come with a Game-changing Technological Accompaniment

The peer-to-peer texting app Firechat has an enormous spike in usage, with 100,000 new users since the protests began and as many as 33,000 simultaneous users in various chat rooms.

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