Alibaba fights back against New York Times: “Habitual Scepticism and Judgements”

Dealbook, a New York Times blog, posted an article revealing the close connections between several stakeholders of Alibaba and princelings of the Communist Party. Alibaba has responded quickly… …

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What Makes Betting Pools So Popular?

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During the World Cup, betting pools has become an event participated by all Chinese. All major online lottery companies also enjoy rocketing performance. Then, why do the online lotteries which have developed for years start shining this year?

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Xiaomi and Huawei in 4G Future: to Converge the Advantages

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The disadvantages of Huawei is the advantages of Xiaomi, which is brand promotion strategy flexible enough to keep pace with the times. The advantages of Huawei is also the disadvantages of Xiaomi ,which is core technology and terminal. If Huawei and Xiao could learn from the other’s strength and improve their own drawbacks, they might represent the future trajectory of Chinese mobile phone. 

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Tencent Facing Internal Struggles in Its Mobile Game Sector

The institutional drawbacks of big companies, internal interest struggle, less gains than expected, and fervent support from external capital, these four factors combined, are eroding the basis of the Tencent empire.

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What More Alibaba Needs to Disclose in its Prospectus

At the night of June 17, 40 days after the first submission of prospectus, SEC published the first revised version of the prospectus of Alibaba. About the Chinese behemoth, SEC has many questions.

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Foxconn: Still Stay OEM, Still Downstream the Chain
Photo: Foxconn

The company, known in mainland China as Foxconn, has recently been up in the teeth of the public opinion storm because of the rumor that it has recruited 100 thousand workers for its iPhone 6 foundry. Many have been questioning that it has not made any efforts in transition.

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Head of MIUI: How to Make a Change after Gathering 50M Users?

It is usually hard to tell the difference between becoming mainstream and ordinary. At May 15 Xiaomi New Product Launce Event, Lei Jun attaches much importance on Xiaomi Mi Pad. As the “Smart” part of the smart devices, MIUI is given “unprecedented” attention. interviews Hong Feng, the head of MIUI and co-founder of Xiaomi Tech, trying to find out where MIUI is heading to after harvesting 50M users.

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County-level E-commerce: Next Driver of China’s Online Shopping

The message from Alibaba was, the spring of county-level e-commerce has come, but it is up to you all how to turn the spring to a summer…

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LINE is blocked in China? Only If Your Account is a Chinese Number

Line spokeswoman Fumiko Hayashi said today that Line users in China haven’t able to access all services since July 1, Bloomberg reported. Huxiu did a test and found out your Line is blocked in China only if your Line account registered under a Chinese number. In other words, if you’re in China and your Line, say it was binding with a Hong Kong number. You will be fine.