Because of the Story of Jike Search and Ms. Deng Yaping, Mr. Kaifu Lee’s Weibo Suspention
By Jike By Kaifulee

Late of Feb. 16, 2013, published an anonymous contribute article about Ms. Deng Yaping, CEO of Jike (即刻) Search, the subsidiary of People’s Daily, and the former table tennis Olympic champion, was criticized by superior since she has managed the company for two years but the market share always does not have any improvement. This article also revealed Mr. Liu Jun, who’s been recruited by Ms. Deng from Google, and his company “Yun Rang(雲壤)” have cooperation with Jike Search. Additionally, some Jike staff were not happy with Deng in the daily management since they think she doesn’t understand “the searching business”.

The article was widely spread through Chinese Internet immediately after published, including many webportal websites as well as IT business media websites. Next morning, Mr. Lee Kai-fu, former Microsoft and Google China senior executive and also the opinion leader of the Chinese Internet community, commented on his Sina weibo about the piece, he thought that Jike Search was spending tax payers’ money to do search business, at the same time he questioned it was the Party’s decision to appoint Ms. Deng as the CEO of the company.

In the noon of February 17, 2013, received mail from the relevant departments that request us to delete the Jike Search article reports. Soon after, we found all the reprinted articles that on the Chinese Internet community within the scope were disappeared, at the same time, related information on weibo was also lost. That afternoon, published another article try to analysis the gain and loss for Jike Search under Deng’s management. Again, Huxiu received another mail from the relevant departments that request to delete the article. Without any effect negotiations with the relevant departments after inconclusive, Huxiu is forced to remove this article.

On February 17, in the afternoon, about Deng Yaping and Jike Search topic were widely discussed among practitioners and the Internet. At about half past seven day night, Mr. Lee Kai-fu said on Sina Weibo that his account (both on Sina and Tencent) was suspended for three days.